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Welcome to Anti-Aging-Revolution.net.  We are dedicated to providing our readers with the newest products and procedures regarding anti aging skin care.  From beauty products, to treatment creams and even the many different skin care procedures; our site contains the latest information on all of the best processes.  Our skin is often the first thing that begins to show signs of aging.  Wrinkles, age spots, lessened shine, thinner looking skin, loss of firmness, drooping skin and the appearance of veins are all common signs of aging that appear solely on the skin. There are also signs of aging that appear in other places on your face too; such as your eyelashes.  Luckily to counter act many of these natural occurrences there are an array of anti aging skin care products that can be used all over the body. A perfect example of one of these products is Latisse, an eyelash growth treatment.  Anti-Aging-Revolution.net does not promote any single product or method of use.  Instead, or mission is to provide our readers with as much information as possible regarding anti aging products.


As you begin your process of researching anti aging skin care products it is important to understand the anti aging trend that began in the late 1900’s.  Prior to that aging was thought of as a benefit as it outwardly displayed life struggles and even knowledge.  However, the 1980’s brought about an overwhelming consensus in the population who wished to maintain their youthful appearance throughout their live.  At this time many professional agencies began to work on an array of anti aging products; form anti aging beauty products to overall anti aging skin care products and even medications and surgical procedures.  In 1993 the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine was developed in the United States. It is the sole organization that excels on new approaches of anti aging medicine as well as trains and certifies doctors to provide anti aging care.  As of 2009 the academy has over 20,000 members in over 100 countries worldwide.  All of its members practice selling or performing different anti aging skin care items- from do it yourself skin care kits, to performing microdermabrasion skin care.

One theory that is backed up by doctors and health care providers worldwide is that with the proper diet and exercise program individuals will delay the natural effects of aging on skin. While signs of aging within the skin are inevitable simply living a healthy lifestyle can prevent signs of aging for years.  Those who choose to eat a healthy diet throughout their lives are 54% less likely to develop wrinkles by the age of 50.  Additionally individuals who choose to incorporate exercise regularly into their life style are 41% less likely to develop wrinkles by the age of 50.  Individuals who choose to incorporate both diet and exercise throughout their lives have been proven to be 68% less likely to develop wrinkles by the age of 50. Lifelong exercise and proper diet are the most important tasks an individual can participate in to delay the many signs of aging and keep their body looking younger for longer.

While there are only two key factors that can be used to prevent signs of aging there are many factors that have been proven to speed the process.  Any one of these factors can increase the process of aging by over 15%.  This means that at 40 your skin will appear as it would normally at 46, and at 60 your skin would look closer to the age of a 70 year old.  When two factors are paired together your skin ages 40% quicker; your skin will look like the skin of a 56 year old by the time you reach 40.  With all three factors in place your skin will age at an alarming rate of 65% faster than average; at the age of 40 your skin will appear 66 years old.  Here are the three main risk factors for increasing the process of aging in skin.

Sun Damage: Ultraviolet radiation transmitted by the sun’s rays can cause extreme damage to the skin, even skin cancer.  This is because radiation kills the cells upon contact and even low amounts of UV rays cause cells to deplete.  With depleted cells skin cannot hydrate itself, nor function properly.  This causes endless amounts of damage to your skin.  UV rays penetrate deep into your skin and damage collagen which makes your skin firm; without collagen wrinkles in your skin will begin to form.  Aging spots occur in areas that have been overly exposed to UV rays which changes the pigmentation of the skin permanently.

Smoking: Everyone knows that smoking is not good for your overall health, however it is not often mentioned that smoking can extremely damage the skin.  Smoking causes carbon monoxide levels in blood to increases which allows age inducing cells to form.  Nicotine, the most popular ingredient in smoking tobacco, causes the blood vessels to constrict which lowers the supply of oxygen to the tissues of the skin; causing it to discolor and wrinkle.  Additionally smoking depletes stores of vitamin C throughout the body.  Vitamin C is the sole vitamin responsible for the synthesis of collagen which keeps the skin firm; without collagen the skin will begin to sag and droop.

Poor Hydration :  55-78% of the human body is made up of water at any given time.  It is the fuel that allows our bodies to function properly on a daily basis.  While there are many problems caused by dehydration, there are also problems that can be created by poor hydration.  With a limited supply of water the body is forced to choose which areas are in need of it the most.  The body will always choose major organs and tissues because they are what keep the body functioning.  When there is not enough water skin is among the fist tissue in the body to lose its source of fuel.  Without water the skin cannot form needed cells that allow it to flex, grow and protect.